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Links & Resources

Links & Resources

Here are some links that you might find helpful. These are some of the trade sites we devour in order to stay on top of our game.

Books by Larry D. Woodard

Point Me In The Right Direction

Do you struggle to make time for a few minutes each morning to reflect on God’s goodness and seek his direction for your day? Most of us do. Point Me In The Right Direction was written for people with busy schedules who recognize the need to start the day out right. Each of these devotionals can be read in a few minutes and can help you begin your day with purpose. Written in a clear and inviting style, you will laugh, cry and reflect on God’s goodness as you read each anecdote paired with a scripture lesson.

Advertising As A Branding Tool

Advertising as a Branding Tool is an authoritative, insider s perspective on the key strategies for utilizing advertising to lead clients strategically and help them attain market share. Featuring presidents and CEOs representing some of the nation s leading advertising agencies, this book provides a broad, yet comprehensive overview of the key considerations involved in brainstorming and developing advertising campaigns that gain customer support and loyalty. Discussing the importance of connecting with the consumer on a personal level, these authors articulate the finer points of an industry in which sending a resonating message can expand your customer base and translate into increased revenues. From targeting the client’s audience to measuring consumer opinions and response, these authorities offer practical and adaptable strategies for partnering with clients to build creative and attention-getting campaigns. The different niches represented and the breadth of perspectives presented enable readers to get inside some of the great innovative minds of today, as experts offer an insider s glimpse into this highly-competitive industry.


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